Welcome to my blog!

Hey there! My name is Kenan. This is my blog.

Not the most thrilling way to kick things off, I know. But for a while now, I’ve thrown around the idea of archiving my thoughts and prayers that wander through my head day after day. It wasn’t until recently I decided it’s finally time to start doing so. I consider myself an adequate writer, as English and grammar are some of my stronger attributes. However one of my weaknesses has kept me from expressing myself through a blog: laziness.

Inspiration can come from anyone or anywhere at any time in life. I’ve always been a firm believer in God using people or events to radically change one’s perspective and thought process in order to further His will for one’s own life. Right now, I believe I am going through a storm of change; God is my boat and He is weathering and protecting me from the storms of life. Things have been happening that are hard to explain, but it’s very important to see the silver lining even in our adversities.

I’ll quickly try to explain the name I’ve given for this blog. “Persequi logicam dei” is a Latin phrase meaning, “to pursue the logic of God.” I have always been a “thinker” as opposed to letting emotions get the better of me; sometimes though I think a bit too hard, but I would safely assume that we all do at times. In the recent weeks I’ve adopted the qualities of a thinker and picked up old hobbies again that should facilitate this process of starting up a blog. Reading books (gasp!), holding deep discussion with my brothers and sisters in Christ, dwelling on His Word every day. Good stuff that we should all do! In spending time and thought on God though, I tend to approach it from a logical viewpoint; making sense of and constructing a viewpoint that my very tiny human brain can comprehend. Still leaving room for the more abstract thought, this blog I hope will serve as an excellent platform to display those thoughts that I try to make sense of, as well as those that do not follow.

Which brings me to my next point of explanation! Another latin phrase you will see often on this blog is “non-sequitur.” For those who aren’t geeks who just happen to know what that means (ie. me), this is another Latin phrase meaning, “it does not follow.” I am a very scatterbrained person, and organizing my thoughts, especially in writing, takes quite a long time of editing and re-working until I’m happy with what I’ve produced. But I’ve heard it said that the most important aspect of writing is writing, not thinking about what to write. Even as I sit here typing this out, I haven’t really put much more than that initial thought into each sentence! I haven’t gone back to re-work anything; it’s just all coming out in one glorious hurling of text. I just recently saw a clip from a movie on TV where a writer was teaching his student and said this almost verbatim as he was writing a story. I wish I knew what the movie was, but it really resonated with me. My thought trails can be a little hard to follow sometimes, but for those who want to blaze through it, perhaps something here might resonate with you as well.

I do not know how often I plan to post the things I’ve set out to record on this blog, I guess it depends on my audience. But even so, this blog serves more for myself and my own benefit. If someone reading this finds enjoyment from what I’ve written, then that makes it all the more special! A friend recently had me realize in a similar fashion that you’ll never really know the impact words may have on someone; how deeply it may resonate with them. If I immortalize my words in the form of this blog and someone stumbles across it, that may just be enough motivation to keep me coming back and writing more (and I sincerely hope that doesn’t sound pretentious of me).

I have a few topics of discussion that I have waiting in the wings, but I have a bit more reading to do first before I start any major writing. Be on the lookout for both optimism and cynicism, encouraging posts and negative posts, well-written monologues and trash alike. It’s all coming!


In Christ,